Membership News

by Deb KK7DEB on 2020-05-01

I would like to welcome two new members: Walt KJ7BHL and Dave N7DML. Walt is on the Alpha team, and Dave is on the Charlie Team. We now have 111 active members, and we logged 173 volunteer hours in April.


by John KI7LYP on 2020-04-25

Are you locked down and looking for things to do? Visit and listen in on hams all over the world. With WebSDR you will be able to take control of receivers worldwide and tune in on all of the bands in all of the regions. Someone not interested in ham radio (that can’t be us!) activities? Then tune in to the European stations and brush up on your French language skills.

It’s as easy as starting up your computer and going to

  • Scroll down the main page and you will see ham stations from all over the world.
  • Pick a region
  • Pick a station
  • Pick the band you would like to listen to

It’s that easy! You’re in control. Scan the waterfall (now you know what that purple thing up there is called!) and pick out the strong stations as they will be the brighter vertical lines. You can also try the weaker stations as shown by the faint lines. Or maybe the whole band is quiet with no lines at all – just change bands and keep going! Hear something rare or exotic? Create a log on your favorite SDR site and log in your treasure.

Want to practice your CW? Tune down to the low end of the 40CW band and find a station; they are always there! Want to practice more later? Then just start the audio recording and play it back at another time.

So, while locked in, stay out of the cookie jar and junk food, and go play in SDR land!

Pulling out a little hiking wisdom today:

When you’re lost, stay where you are.

Since we can’t go anywhere anyway, why not use the time to recharge in whatever way makes sense for you? Sleep in – or stay up – until your favorite net. Dust out the ham shack. Hug a housemate or reach out over the air waves and 73 someone.

We don’t have to solve any problems today; we’re right where we’re going to be for a while. Let’s use this universally imposed time out for extreme care of self and connection with others.

We hope all of our members are safe and healthy. These are unprecedented times for everyone and following the stay-at-home, social distancing, and face covering guidelines will slow the spread of the nasty COVID-19. Let’s all help keep the number of cases low in Oregon!

Our next on the air meeting is April 23 and we will practice sending pictures using SSTV both via computer software and acoustic coupling via your phone. Watch for an email from Ralph AG7FE with details and instructions. We will meet on MC1 (146.840) at 7:00PM.

The Winlink net check in worked well last month and we will be doing that again for April. Details and a reminder will also be emailed out a few days before the meeting date.

It seems a lot more folks are at home and practicing their ham radio skills, which is good, but remember that the local repeaters are open to all. If you are thinking of operating a net with several friends or team members you will need permission from the repeater owner to do so. And we never operate simplex on a repeater frequency when the repeater is operational. The MC2 (147.280) repeater is operated by the Hoodview Amateur Radio Club, and the MC1 (146.840) repeater is operated by the Portland Amateur Radio Club.

The ARRL has sent out ballots for the Oregon Section Manager position. We hope you will take a few minutes and vote for the candidate of your choice.

Membership News

by Deb KK7DEB on 2020-04-01

Despite our current situation, we still tallied 279 volunteer hours in March, and our active membership count is holding steady at 109!

The Multnomah County ARES website was migrated to a new hosting provider this evening. No problems were encountered during the migration, and all testing of the site has been successful. If you do notice any problems, however, please send an email to webmaster [at] multnomahares [dot] org and I will investigate.

March 7 Team Drill

by Web Manager on 2020-02-27

We will have a field drill involving all MCARES teams on Saturday, March 7 from 09:00 to 13:00. All MCARES members are asked to participate if possible. Your team leader should be in touch with you prior to the drill, to discuss location and any other details specific to your team’s role. Please be sure to thoroughly read the drill guide and ICS-205 before the drill, and direct any questions to your team leader.

Having experienced a few earthquakes while living in San Jose and realizing Portland, too, was located in earthquake country, Rochelle took a weekend PCC class on preparedness. The one thing she took away was that ham radio would be the only way to communicate during and after a disaster.

A simple search pulled up McARES, and so the journey began with a new volunteer organization. She has a Yaesu VX-8R handheld and a Kenwood D710 at her home station that runs a Winlink gateway.

“It’s impossible to be bored – especially on the Mike team! There is always something to learn and something fun to do with ham radio.”

In fact, Rochelle is now the new coordinator for Connected, the MCARES newsletter. She hopes you enjoy the new format!

Membership News

by Deb KK7DEB on 2020-01-15

We welcome our newest members: Steve KJ7JBC who joins the Delta Team and Teddy KJ7IJR who has joined the Bravo Team. The membership roster was trimmed in December to reflect inactivity by some members so we are starting the new year with 103 active members.

The newsletter has a new, refreshing look for 2020! The MCARES “Connected” newsletter was established in July of 2013. Since then, Vaughn Lewis AC7HO has formatted the content into newsletter format. We can’t thank Vaughn enough for all his years of service!

A new decade brings a new look for “Connected.” Rochelle AE7ZQ is taking over the job with new ideas and formatting. Thanks, Rochelle!

Grant equipment update: With the help and support of Multnomah County Emergency Management two UASI grants have been funded for eight additional digital go-kits and personal protective equipment (PPE) for all of our members.

The radio go-kits will be built with a new design that will make them lighter and even more portable and flexible. The PPE kits will be available for distribution at our January 23rd meeting. If you have completed your ARRO basic training you are eligible to receive this kit. These bags contain safety items you will need for deployment. I was going to list the items but thought a surprise would be much more fun!