The ARES Oregon Section developed a training plan in October, 2011 as a way to verify to served agencies and other counties who may need our assistance that all ARES operators have a minimum skill set and consistent knowledge base. We have adapted this state plan to meet the needs of Multnomah County. We have developed a skills and knowledge check-off sheet or qualification card for basic RADO (radio operator) with add-on certification for Net Control. Other add-ons will be developed to include HF, Digital, CW and MAT Team. We hope to have all our members certified by the end of March. This program will be explained in detail at our October general meeting, so please attend!

The Gresham team has been working with Scott McPherson from Gresham Emergency Management for the last two years. Scott’s funding has expired and he has moved on to another career path. During his time with Gresham he has been a huge advocate for Multnomah County ARES and amateur radio in emergency communications. He has helped us focus on the needs of the city and opened many doors for us. We will miss him. We look forward to working with Kelle Landavazo and Todd Felix to continue our served agency relationship with the City of Gresham.

The new net script will be launched October 30 and is in keeping with the net protocol presented at our September meeting. Checkins are grouped differently, so be sure to listen closely. The script will be posted to the website October 24. Thanks to Greg NF7H and Eli W7ELI for their work on this.

My sincere thanks to Vaughn AC7HO for taking on the redesign of our newsletter. His ongoing time and efforts are very appreciated.

Kiri K7KAH has agreed to assist Multnomah County ARES as the new Net Manager. I am excited to have her on the leadership team, and am sure she’ll do an excellent job in this post. It’s really great to expand the leadership team, as the more involvement we have in operating Multnomah ARES, the better off our Served Agencies and membership will be. A great thanks to Kiri. Thanks also to Greg for his service as interim net manager.

The November 2 Hack Attack SET is taking shape. This exercise simulates a terrorist cyber attack which takes down the Internet in the entire west coast causing power outages, loss of cell and landline phone service, and disrupted communication for traffic signals and many other services, as well as banking and retail. We will be operating on simplex only and testing local Winlink/RMS packet. Thanks to Adam, Greg, Deb and Eli for coordinating Multnomah County ARES’s part in this statewide exercise.

Hope to see you all on the 24th.

We celebrated getting the County ECC’s Winlink system up and running. Since the ECC moved to the JJC the system has not worked. Thanks to Adam KF7LJH, Garrett AF7RF, and everyone who worked on this project.

Revising the frequency template for ARES and all the fire station radio kits is pending the completion of PBEM’s BEECN communication plan. Dealing with life safety traffic during a disaster is pending consultation with the director of BOEC.

We are still working on getting the Red Cross on board as a served agency. It looks like progress is being made. Stay tuned.

Membership News

by Deb KK7DEB on 2010-02-10

We would like to welcome our two newest members, Cyd AC1CA and Tom K7TDN. Cyd has also volunteered as our new webmaster and is doing a fine job. Tom comes to us with a large amount of experience in emergency communications and is also a MARS member.

A big congratulations to Mark KF7DHH, Mike N7ETA, Jim N7JFC, and Helen KE7SCS for completing the yellow card requirements.


by Web Manager on 2010-01-01

The Multnomah County ARES group consists of federally licensed amateur radio operators who are trained in emergency communications and have a strong desire to serve our community whenever the need arises. Hams from throughout the county, who have an interest in community service and emergency communications, are strongly encouraged to get involved. The Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) is a field organization of the American Radio Relay League (ARRL).

We invite all interested parties to attend our monthly meetings and check into our regular nets. Drills, training workshops, volunteer opportunities, and other events can be found on our Calendar.